If you have slow drains in your sinks, toilets, tubs, showers or noticeable unpleasant smells that make your life worse, you will than need skilled cleaners. Drain Solution Plus fixes all the residential drain services needs which can create more problems than they get solved, trying to remove the clog with a drain snake can push the blockage further down in your pipes, causing a more severe situation.

At Drain Solution Plus we have a professional team that’s determines the intensity and location of your clogged drain using our latest video camera technology. Having completed a video inspection, we can then evaluate the best plan of attack to get rid of your stubborn clog for good. We often recommend hydro-jetting, which is an environmentally friendly facility that uses a controlled stream of highly pressurized water to cut-down apart wastage and clean the pipes. Hydro-jetting is a non-invasive way to restore your pipe to a new state without any need to dig. You can get rid of clog burden and enjoy improved water flow.

We not only clean drain problems but we also do repairs and services for all sort of faucet cleaning needs that you may require such as cleaning, fitting and repairing. Whatever the problem is you can reach out to us 24/7/365 and hire a professional cleaner with an affordable price.

We are located in Bergen County, Hudson County, Passaic County and Essex County of New Jersey for any suggestions or need you can reach out to us at (201) 881-9622 or you may visit Drain Solutions Plus.

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